About Me:

Long time value investor. Long/Short portfolio that’s always net long (between 30-80%).

I have extensive experience in the video game industry as I founded a leading media company in the space, which I have since exited after an acquisition.

The purpose of this substack is to refine and share my own due dilligence. Twitter: @AltayCapital (Twitter/X is the best place to reach me)

I don’t plan on paywalling/releasing any paid posts, but voluntary pledges are appreciated! I make my living investing, not writing. Paid subscriptions are a signal to me that readers value my work and motivate me to share my work.

The name “AltayCapital” comes from the “Altai Mountains”. I am a private investor and am not affiliated with any fund.

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A newsletter about value investing! Mostly focus on smaller cap value net-nets in Japan. Not affiliated with any fund. I'm a private investor that manages their own money. Nothing I write is financial advice. Do your own due dilligence!


Long / Short equities. Value investor.